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 Site Help Thread

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Site Help Thread  Empty
PostSubject: Site Help Thread    Site Help Thread  Icon_minitimeSat Jun 04, 2016 12:04 am

1: make account by signing up for the site

2: to go to profile click your name and click "veiw profile"

3: to edit profile click your name and click "edit profile" this also is where you change your avatar/icon

4: to veiw your posts or topics click your name

5: to pm either click mail or click your name and go to it that way

6: to make a thread click any category and click NEW and procede

7: to reply to threads simply click the thread and scroll to big box type your reply then click send

8: chat n go box is there to chat with people on the site as well as asking for help. (may not work on mobie. for moble users just pm us questions)

9: for mobile users if you dont know this already click the thing in the top right corner and click CLASSIC itll make the site to how it is on a desk top
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Site Help Thread
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