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 the Pack of the Howling Ocean (join in)

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PostSubject: the Pack of the Howling Ocean (join in)    Sat Jun 04, 2016 1:05 am

info: the pack lays with in a forest that stands near a ocean. and is run mainly by males the females mainly doing the hunting and pup raising few help defend the pack with the males. maybe one day th females will rise against the males and change all that *wink*


the alpha, a dark pelted wolf with flecks of blue and green with dark back like wings extended, howled for a pack meeting his crimson eyes and dark horns shining as the bright moon light hit them. he stood waiting for the pack to gather.
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PostSubject: Re: the Pack of the Howling Ocean (join in)    Sun Sep 11, 2016 6:51 pm

A male with a lake green pelt with black and white markings perked up from his resting place in camp. He stood up a long scar on his back hind leg caused him a limp and only have one ear the other one having been torn off in a fight. His brown eyes narrowed at the alpha.
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the Pack of the Howling Ocean (join in)
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