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 a random rp (jump in)

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PostSubject: a random rp (jump in)    Sat Jun 04, 2016 1:39 am

(magic filled rp, with some more down to earth non magic classes. the school is filled with magic users, humans, and anthros)

a young girl sat at her desk sketching something out quietly as the teacher droned on about what ever it was she was teaching. the girl glanced up as her name was called stopping her drawing she stood "y-yes?" she said

"were you paying any attention? i asked could you come up and demonstrate this chemical equation" the teacher repeated herself

the girl frowned gulping before waliking up to the front to do as she was told. though the problem was she wsnt paying attention at all. her tail and ears twitched in nervousness.
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a random rp (jump in)
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